Sunday, 27 July 2014

After little more than four days of navigation Costa Concordia has entered the Port of Genoa.

 July 27, 2014. In the final stages of the journey the convoy travelled at a speed of about 1 knot per hour.
That speed was further reduced to allow the arrival in the port, as expected, during the night between Saturday and Sunday, and the following entrance into the port during the morning of Sunday, July 27.
Preliminary operations for the entrance of the Concordia in the Prà-Voltri port have begun this morning at about 5 am.
Harbour pilots have boarded the Concordia.
One of the two tugboats that have towed the Concordia to Genoa – Resolve Earl – has been disconnected, while the first harbor tug is now connected to the stern.
Next one to be disconnected will be the Blizzard.
The draft of the ship is approximately 18.5 meters.
Costa Concordia Reaches Genoa
This morning Costa Crociere Ceo Michael Thamm went onboard the Concordia to meet Nick Sloane and his team.
“I wanted to personally thank Nick Sloane and the whole team for the extraordinary commitment they have always demonstrated throughout the project and wish them good work at the beginning of an important day of complex mooring operations,” said Michael Thamm.



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