Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BIMCO Launches Green Guide

March 4, 2015.
The international shipping association BIMCO has launched a new, three-part guidance resource called Guide to Maritime Environmental & Efficiency Management, to support ship owners and operators in improving their environmental performance and the efficiency of their ships.

Developed in partnership with maritime efficiency specialists Fathom, and supported by ClassNK, the Guide provides a resource to facilitate compliance with environmental regulations and assist owners and operators in the development of an environmental and efficiency management system, allowing ship owners and operators to develop an all-encompassing environmental and efficiency management system.

BIMCO says that the need for this sort of independent, fit for purpose resource is greater than ever, given the complexity of the regulations governing the impact of shipping operations on the environment and the ever-present need to drive ship efficiency.

”The extensive review process means that this Guide has been written by the industry, for the industry – ultimately helping companies remain competitive in today’s complex regulatory landscape,” Catherine Austin, Executive Director at Fathom, said.

”This is the first publication to address the lack of a single resource covering both comprehensive information on environmental and efficiency management and to provide a framework for shipping companies to develop their own tailored system.”



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